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AGIC is a grassroots community developer and innovation platform fostering girls, young women and youth to embrace STEM ,innovation and Entrepreneurship. AGIC empowers , supports  and builds girls, and young women’s skills,confidence so as to create employment opportunities and create a safe space for them.

what we do

Athena is a collective for young brilliant innovators and entrepreneurs who align their passions to build their communities, share knowledge, design solutions, develop amazing products, and  build business ideas with a sole purpose to create decent and sustainable sources of livelihood for young people. this can be achieved through these prgram areas.


Eco-makar, passionate about the environment ,mitigating effects of climate change and financial opportunities from waste, they recycle agro-waste into affordable clean cooking fuels

Roll eat – adding value to and seeking to micro-franchise the Rolex business ,running on clean energy and recycling kitchen waste into fertilizer which is used to grow vegetables and spices needed by the business.

Yammie Shoppers/yammieshoppers.com  an online shopping platform, built to support women market vendors,Boda Bodas and other SMEs to continue business operations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pitchfest-Northern Edition

a business development support program geared towards investment readiness and pitching aimed at connecting entrepreneurs to investors that match their needs, preferences, and goals. The aim is to expose ambitious entrepreneurs to business growth opportunities and financing to achieve their growth potential.

Urban Farming

About us

Athena Girls Innovation Compound (AGIC) established in 2019 and legally registered by Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB). with an aim to address the ongoing gap between the rural and urban youth, girls, boys, and young women opportunities of enhancing entrepreneurial spirit to further increase business creation rates and opportunities and provide alternative pathways for employ-ability and improved livelihoods of girls, boys, youth and young women in the rural communities.


To empower and  transform  rural female entrepreneurs and innovators  to the next level


Enhancing the capacity and skills of women and girls  to create a community and network of entrepreneurs  and  innovators re-shaping the socio-cultural, economic and political inequalities through technological innovation .


To Encourage girls and women to think big and act big in a world class innovative and technology enabled society


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We are a collective of amazing young people.

Athena Girls Innovations – 2021